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    Hi all, my right eye treated with Lasik in 2011 and is currently about +1 with no astigmatism. After that my left eye treated with Lasik and corrected to +0.75 with 0.5 astigmatism in 2012. After 1 year, my left eye 'enhanced' with Lasik and corrected to +0.5 with 0.75 astigmatism. Again my left eye enhanced with Lasik and corrected to 0 with 1.5 astigmatism. I'm due for another 'enhancement' with Lasik on my left eye next thursday. Once they've corrected my left eye successfully , they then still have my right eye to correct. Why is it happening like this? My friend had undergone Lasik surgery from Goldberg centre and it did't take this much time. Can anyone say me why is it happening for me alone?