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Niche Marketing- Faith Based Marketing

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just had a DUH moment! We are always looking for ways the eyecare professional can segment their practice and appeal to specific demographics or clientele. The largest niche market in the world- Faith or Religion. Before you say- I am lapsed, I am agnostic, I am apathetic, remember this is not about you, it’s about your patients and future patients.

Eye Bogglers

There is not a jeweler in the world who does not carry inspirational or faith based items, crosses, stars, fish, buddhas and more.

There is not a department or gift store who does not carry faith or hope based products.

70% of Americans have faith of some kind.

40-45% of American attend church (Gallup Poll)

Faith based spending is recession proof

$5.1 Trillion= Spending power of ‘Faithful Consumers’

Assuming only 3 out of 10 people are faith-based, they spent 1.2 billion dollars on frames in 2009.

Interested- Read more at The Optical Vision Site

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