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Seeking Advice: How Do You Respond To Contact Lens Rx

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How do you handle the consumers that get angry or frustrated about not getting their contact Lens RX?

This was written up in a forum and how would you answer them?

Hey all,


I need some advice/opinion on my experience with an optometrist today. I am a resident in a different field so thought I would ask you guys.


So I went in for a routine eye exam and needed new glasses and contacts because my vision has slightly worsened since my last exam. The optometrist gave me the prescription for my glasses but then refused to give me a prescription for my contacts. Basically she gave me a pair of contacts from a particular brand and said i would have to follow up with her in 1-2 weeks to decide whether I want that brand and if her exam of my eyes would indicate it would be safe for me to use them. Only then would she give me a prescription for contacts for that brand. If I do not like those contacts, I would have to try another brand and follow up with her again.


Is this routine practice or am I missing something? I thought we were supposed to get our contact prescription and we can choose what brand we want to buy from. Also if I did get a contact prescription from her for the brand that I tried, can I use it to get the contacts from a different brand instead or are prescriptions written for a specific brand. Please help!

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