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Preventive Eyecare

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I read this interesting article on preventive medicine and wondered how many eyecare providers were proactively speaking preventively:

The article can be read in full here-http://www.asianhhm.com/healthcare_management/chronic_diseases.htm-


sustainable development is a long-term, whole-systems approach that gives equal weight to five principles: living within environmental limits; a strong, healthy and just society; a sustainable economy; good governance, and using sound science responsibly. By promoting sustainable development we help to prevent chronic disease. By preventing disease we help to promote low carbon living and prevent damage to the environment.

The policies we need to safeguard human life on the planet are the same or very similar to those we need to prevent human illness in general and chronic disease in particular. Global warming presents enormous new challenges to the way different countries treat each others' citizens and to the way welfare systems across the world deal with risk and disadvantage. So, we need to transform social policy-at local, national and global levels, to meet the needs of the modern world.

Chronic disease is a global problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) says 66 per cent of all premature deaths are due to chronic diseases. In the next decade, it is estimated that nearly 400 million people will die of a chronic condition.

In the developed world, there are three factors that greatly exacerbate the problem and point to higher rates and greater costs in future:

1. One is the rising epidemic of obesity-bringing with it grave risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. In England, one in four is affected and the rates are rising rapidly. This currently costs US$ 7.4 billion (£3.7 billion) every year.

2. The second factor is the rising levels of mental ill-health. The WHO has predicted that by 2020, depression will be the second greatest contributor to the burden of disease for all ages and both sexes 1. We are learning that above a certain level, higher income does not make people happy any more. People in richer countries suffer from high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. These mental illnesses often lead to physical disorders. A recent report in The Lancet found that depression is more dangereous to health than the four major chronic conditions: angina, arthritis, asthma and diabetes2 . In England alone, one in 6 is affected by mental health problems and it costs the country US$ 152 billion (£76 billion) a year-in health and social care services, lost economic output, and associated costs.

3. The third factor is the ageing population. In the last two decades in England, life expectancy for men increased by just over 5 years, but healthy life expectancy increased by less than three years. So, more people are old and ill-suffering, in the main, from chronic mental and physical illness.

Furthermore, both poverty and insecurity result in chronic disease. So, what can be done to prevent chronic disease? According to the WHO, the causes are known, the risks are largely preventable and the key is to focus on risk factors that link across the major killer diseases.

The three overlapping risk factors are: exercise, diet, and human contact with natural environment. It is with these 'upstream' determinants of health that we find the greatest synergy between sustainable development and health.

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There are a lot of preventive ways to take care of your eye. These are my list: Eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, vitamin A are good source of retinol, retinal, and retinoic acid which are needed by our retina for light absorbing molecule. Use sun glasses to avoid radiation coming from the sun. You can get a good quality of sun glasses at East Coast Optical located at Philadelphia.Taking medicine as a preventive method is also good but make sure it is upon the advice of an eye specialist.

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