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Leo Hadley Jr

Beautiful Frame display fixtures available.

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Beautiful Frame display fixtures available.

Awesome frame displays available,

These fixtures belong to a friend of mine who has them in storage about a mile from my office. His storage lease is up in a month so this could be a great opportunity for a real good steal.


There are a couple dings that can be covered with a little touch up stain but

that's it. I am told that these were custom made copying a design from

Fashion Optical. The seller says he has 23K invested in them, but is just

looking for a good offer. They are in a climate controlled unit right now.


The plywood looking backs is actually a smooth shiny surface. That is how

they were meant to look. There are no frame bars or anything because he had

them made for an office but never actually used them. You could get frame

bars or glass shelves would look awesome. They all have recessed lights in



The first attached picture is a single unit and there is only one of them in

the set.

The dimension is 44" wide x 95" tall x 26" deep.


The second attached picture is 125" wide x 95" tall x 26" deep. There are 2

of these items in the set


The third attached picture is a desk that is 81" wide x 23" deep and 35"

tall. There are two of these in the set.


The desk was shot outside the storage unit and appears to be a different color because of the sunlight. All of the pieces are the same color.


Call for details

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