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SLM Ophthalmics

Phoroptor service, Full lane services, Office relocation and design

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SLM Ophthalmic Instrument Co. has been servicing the East coast and abroad for many years. Our technicians have over thirty years of experience. If you need it, we can get it. If you need it fixed we can fix it. SLM has been making some great strides in client base and company growth. We strive on integrity and finding the best for less. At SLM, we not only want to provide a great service. We want to make friends along the way. We completely understand the relationship a doctor has with his/her equipment. Our job is to make sure the Doctors life is at ease when it comes to the tools he/she is using to conduct bussiness. We also understand THE PATIENT COMES FIRST!!! SLM specializes in: Phoroptor servicing(all models), Exam lane sevices(all exam lane equipment phor, S/L(all models), Chair/stand(all models), proj., Kertometer, etc..). ALL automated pre-test equipment(Auto-Refractors(all models), Lensometers(all models), Auto-Lensometers, Retinal Cameras(again both all models), visual field machines(all models), etc.... SLM also specializes in office relocation and design. These are among many other services we provide. Please give me a call for any of your buying needs or a free quote. Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank You,

Jason Moore

SLM Ophthalmic Instrument Co.

Cell- (336)681-7384

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