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Briot Accura

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Completely Refurbished Briot Accura Complete System.


Comes with all accessories, plus warranty and Free installation and in-office training.

Enjoy worry free operations with this excellent pre-owned patternless system.




The Briot Acura is a patternless edger that combines all edging functions, 3-D on screen scanning and blocking, edges all materials, safety bevels, grooves and polishes.



It's Accu-fit-3D frame tracing insures precise lens-to-frame fit.


The multiple bevel program provides unlimited bevel options.


The on screen blocking system saves you time and money.


Safety bevels all materials on one or both sides.


Reduces operator error by providing auto grooving and polishing functions.

The Briot Acura is a very cost efficient and easy to use patternless edging solution.


****All forms of payment accepted and financing is available****



Pm me for current price


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