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New Vision software

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Fundus Photo digital imaging systems include New Vision ophthalmic database software for easily managing your patient images. Security is as important as being intuitive and easy to use. When images are captured into New Vision, they are automatically written to the hard drive, not just to RAM. You never manually save images. You can always delete images and the image numbering does not reorder. For example, if you have images 1-4 and delete #2, the remaining images are #1, 3 and 4. When editing or annotating images, a new copy of an image is created so that the original is never altered. One click archiving/backup routines to external drives, CD/DVD, USB, etc.


New Feature Highlights:


[*]We now have very easy to use mosaic and overlay selections both with opacity, rotation and zoom controls. Select thumbnails, click on the icon to open the screen. Click and drag, resize, rotate, zoom, reposition to create transparency controlled overlays. Very cool for comparing pathological changes from different visits.

[*]There is a new field to enter the photographer/technician to complement the existing doctor field. Know who takes your pictures!

[*]Take a color photo and with one click you have a screen with individual red, green and blue versions of the image. From here you may apply the embossing tool to highlight "3D-style" views.

[*]EasyMag - click on an icon and a magnifying box appears on the image. Just grab and drag to view interesting pathology in one easy step.


Fundus Photo - It's about the image...it's about time!


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You may contact us at:


Fundus Photo

3015 Locust Street

St. Louis, MO 63103




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