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Leo Hadley Jr

Complete Full service lab available

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Own a complete turn key lab in a very small room in your office. I can set you up with everything you need to start making your own glasses NOW.

You can provide your customers with one hour service on any prescription.




Premium Progressives

Reduce your lab bills to almost nothing.


A complete lab consists of:


OptiCast in office casting system**


Blocker and accessories

Your choice of patternless edging system

Groover if not part of the edging system


Hand Polisher if not part of edging system

Tinting unit and supplies

Smart Drill system

Hot air blower or bead pan

Hand tools

Every item is also available separately


**With the new OptiCast full yield warrantee, you will never have breakage and waste. We will pay for any of your defective lenses and replace them with free monomer!!!


Your lab will include free installation and training by factory certified technicians. All items are fully warranteed and include free lifetime phone support.


All items are either brand new or completely refurbished to brand new condition.


****All forms of payment accepted and financing is available****


PM or Email me with contact info for more details






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