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amanda Trinacty

Opticianry Tools

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I am attending Georgian College this September to be an Optician. My financials are very poor and I need to purchase an Optician Tool Kit. I was wondering if someone might know of somewhere that sells them at a reasonable price?? Or who might have one of the tools listed in good condition that they are willing to donate or sell at a reasonable price. The list of tools are as follows;




· Pen Light

· Wide - Throat Caliper

· Lens Clock (made in Japan)

· Pliers: Chain/Snipe Nose

· Cutter: Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty

· Pliers: Nose Pad Adjusting (Small)

· Pliers: Metal Endpiece Angling

· Pliers Lens Aligner

· Nose Pad Popper: Snap-in

· PD Ruler: 7" Plastic in White

· PD Ruler: 6" Stainless Steel

· Screwdriver: Brass w/Reg & Phillips Blades

· Leather Tool Case

· Nut/Screw Holder

· Tweezers: Self Closing




· File: 8" Zylonite

· File: 6" Screw Finishing

· File: Rat Tail Fine Cut 5.5"

· File: 6" Narrow Pillar

· File: 3" Screw Slotting

· Seg-Hi Segment Gauges (1 Pair)

· Pliers: Screw Holding

· Pliers: Slim Line Chain Nose

· Cutter: Side 5"

· Cutter: End & Side Combination

· Cutter/Nipper: Straight Parallel

· Pliers: Flat Anvil Peening

· Pliers: Peening Pliers

· Pliers: Nylon Jaw General Purpose

· Pliers: Zyl Gripping

Pliers: Temple Tip Rolling

· Pliers: Nylon Eyewire Forming

· Pliers: Rimless (Drill Mount) Hinge Adjustment

· Pliers: Rimless (plug) Adjusting

· Metal Mounting Tool

· Screwdriver: Reversible Ring with Regular Blade

· Scredrive Blade: Phillips (1pc)

· Screwdriver and Wrench Set

· Patient Pupil & Seg Height Ruler

· Spring Hinge Tool Set

· Parallel Gripping Pliers

· Wrench Hex 2.55mm

· Wrench Hex 2.20mm & Star 2.50mm


Thanks for any help you can give me.


Amanda Trinacty

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