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C. Kent

New Hybrid Contact Lens Solves Vision Problems After LASIK

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Over a million LASIK procedures are performed each year in the United States to restore people's vision and reduce or eliminate their need for eyeglasses.


For most people, the procedure is safe and effective. But in some cases, LASIK can cause vision problems that can't be corrected with regular eyeglasses or soft contact lenses.




Estimates of vision loss after LASIK surgery vary, but according to the Eye Surgery Education Council (ESEC), approximately 0.8% to 3.0% of LASIK patients may see less clearly after LASIK – even with the aid of eyeglasses – compared to how well they could see with glasses prior to surgery.


In many cases, vision problems after LASIK can be corrected with a follow-up laser procedure. But sometimes a second surgery isn't possible, leaving the person with sub-standard vision after LASIK, even when wearing eyeglasses.


These vision problems can include blurred vision, ghost images, halos around lights, and loss of contrast.




Vision problems after LASIK can often be reduced or eliminated with rigid gas permeable (RGP or GP) contact lenses. But GP lenses can be less comfortable than soft contact lenses, and are difficult to wear on a part-time basis.


Soft contact lenses may be more comfortable, but they usually won't provide the same clarity of vision after LASIK that GP lenses can provide.


A NEW SOLUTION: SynergEyes® PS Contact Lenses


To solve the clarity vs. comfort dilemma, SynergEyes, Inc. (Carlsbad, CA) recently launched a "hybrid" contact lens designed for people who need further vision correction after LASIK and other refractive surgery.


SynergEyes PS ("post-surgical") lenses combine two materials – a rigid gas permeable center and a soft lens outer skirt. The hybrid design provides the crisp, clear vision of a GP lens and wearing comfort that rivals that of a soft contact lens.


Because vision correction surgery permanently alters the shape of the eye, the SynergEyes PS lens is specifically designed to provide optimum vision correction on surgically-altered corneas, according to the company.


*** Visit www.LasikSurgeryNews.com for the rest of this story. ***

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