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Sharp System Visual Acuity Software: BRAND NEW

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You’ve probably seen a computer image that has been enlarged/changed size…it becomes pixilated; and thus, you probably should consider monitor quality & image quality if you’re presenting something as important as optotypes. It seems silly to me to create optotypes out of images that can be distorted. The Sharp System software is the only acuity software (that I’m aware of) to employ “object-oriented graphics” (vector graphics) for each optotype. Vector graphics use geometrical primitives such as lines, points, and curves. Each optotype is based on geometrical calculations, so one can indefinitely zoom in on our optotypes and they remain crisp. This can be verified with a magnifying loupe. The "sharpness" of the optotypes is limited only by the quality of the monitor (not by image file quality & monitor quality as in other acuity programs). When it comes to presenting optotypes, this is very important.




What's Included in the Pre-Sale?

Sharp System v3 Software (patient education module included)

Remote Control

High Quality Red-Blue Glasses

Slide Show Software

Media Player Software

Free Customer Service/Tech Support for Life!


$685 - this is a pre-sale & introductory offer. All orders will ship before 4/15/08. The price will increase at a later date.


If you have any questions, please email me.


Graham McPartland


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I purchase the Sharp System version 2 software & was recently upgraded for free to version 3. I have to say that I love this software! It is very easy to use, very crisp (perfectly crisp actually), and even includes a patient education module (which my patients love). I recently purchased the new Sharp System remote control, which actually makes it even easier to use. Highly recommended!

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