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Vision impairment and eye diseases are becoming common these days because of swift changes in technology. We are getting dependent too much on gadgets and gizmos that affect our health and especially our eye when it is about smartphones and tablets. However, in order to enjoy our lives, we need to take good care of ourselves. Human eyes are considered to be the most sensitive part of a human’s body. To take good care of our set of eyes, we need expert optometrists in our lives. 

Expert optometrists of Middle Tennessee provide the best quality of services if you are suffering from any sorts if eye disease. Eye doctors from the Lebanon location offer their patients the attention and the care they require. Ever since the inception of this eye care facility, patients have benefitted hugely from the procedures and the services offered here. Optometric physicians working here have set themselves apart from their competitors as they are also involved in clinical studies, which allows them to offer their patients with the latest and advanced eye care solutions.

LASIK consults and Post-operative care

The optometrist also performs consultations to see and evaluate if the patients are eligible for refractive surgeries such as PRK, LASIK, and ICL. If a patient is eligible for surgical vision correction, a recommendation will be made to an ophthalmologist who is a specialist in refractive surgery. After the refractive surgery has been carried out, patients then receive their post-operative care from the optometrists working here at this facility.

The leads and the team

Dr. Richard and Dr. Derek are the two leads running this facility with a team of professional optometrists from different parts of the country. The whole team of optometrists ensures that their patients are treated well. This eye care facility also offers the best insurance plans in order to cater the patients according to their budget. Be sure to pay a visit you can check their website for information.

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