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Oculus Pentacam HR

The Oculus Pentacam HR comes with an extensive basic software package which can be extended according to your needs to include further optional software packages and modules.

The Pentacam HR is our high resolution model, measuring up to 138,000 true elevation points. It is equipped with a high resolution CCD chip and optimized optics. While performing a rotating scan the Pentcam® HR captures up to 100 high-resolution Scheimpflug images to provide a detailed analysis of the cornea. IOLs and pIOLs, corneal rings, corneal injuries and corneal opacities such as in Fuchs dystrophy are thus brought into view in brilliant detail. The crystalline lens is displayed from anterior to posterior capsule, even with opacities present.
The Pentacam® HR is optionally available with a unique 3D pIOL simulation software including aging prediction.


Enhance your diagnosis
The real images of the anterior segment obtained with the Pentacam® can enhance your diagnosis. These images provide valuable insight into the condition of the cornea, iris, anterior chamber and the crystalline lens or intraocular lense. It is easy to detect narrow chamber angles or early cataracts by looking at these high resolution images. The best part is that these images are documented and can be shown to the patient to describe the medical findings and discuss treatment options.

After measurements have been taken and the quality specifications of the scan have been checked by the user the Pentacam® can generate an Indices Report. This Indices Report summarises the abnormalities found during the scan to direct doctor’s attention to the areas of concern. This report is based on published clinical studies and articles that define abnormalities.

The Pentacam® comes with a free patient data management software that ensures increased efficiency and networking capabilities.

General Screening
The Indices Display combined with the brilliant Scheimpflug images permit intuitive screening for close angle glaucoma in the anterior segment. Treatment follow-up, documentation and patient education are supported qualitatively as well as quantitatively by various comparison displays.

Refractive Screening and Surgery
Refractive screening and early detection of corneal abnormalities can be performed quickly and intuitively with the Belin/ Ambrósio Enhanced Ectasia Display. The OCULUS Pentacam® can help plan for corneal refractive surgery and corneal ring implantation.

Cataract Screening, IOL Power Calculation, Premium IOL Selection
The opacity of the crystalline lens is measured quantitatively and can be shown to patients. The Cataract Pre-Op Display helps in selecting the most suitable premium IOL. Various links to modern IOL power calculators such as Phaco Optics, OKULIX or the BESSt II formula are available to assist in challenging cases of post-refractive IOL power calculation and improve the outcome of the toric IOL procedures. The keratometry overlay in the iris image helps with the orientation of toric IOLs.

Cataract Refractive
Planning cataract refractive surgery with phakic IOL implantation becomes a routine process with the OCULUS Pentacam®. A special simulation software including aging prediction is available for iris supported phakic IOLs (pIOLs). It visualises the fit of the pIOL after surgery. The OCULUS Pentacam® provides all necessary information for pre-op planning for ICL implants.

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