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Ophthalmic technicians! We have your best move in Texas!

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Ophthalmic technicians! We have your best move in Texas!

We are a fast paced Ophthalmology practice with 2 locations in Dallas and Fort Worth.

In our Fort Worth office, We are adding a few good eyes and personalities to join us on our ophthalmic technician team.

Our ophthalmic technicians perform full work up exams with state of the art equipment including:

-manual refracting

-iol master

- visual fields

-fundus photography

-applanation tonometry

- EMR - Nextgen

to name a few tools of the trade, and we will certainly support your own growth through on the job training. Scribing with our Physicians can win our hearts too!

Ours is an excellent move to increase your abilities and gain a new certification including COA and COT. Come join us today and see what a nice place with benefits can really be like!

Experienced ophthalmic technician– come drop by our practice and see what a great community we offer.

We realize you are one in a million!

2017 goals can be accomplished through career moves - we understand that and offer you the opportunity to learn more through confidential conversations.

to apply for our career – send your resume to jody@imatters.net

fax 866.461.4097, chat: 866.412.4115 ext 701 and see this and other careers at www.imatters.net

Welcome to imatters, recruitment specialists in the fields of Ophthalmology/Optometry and Eye care Technology.

imatters assists employers in staffing key talent, while helping individuals with career transition and growth opportunities.

imatters staff has extensive experience in the eye care industry, with a proven track record of recruiting and placing highly talented professionals with cutting-edge practices and corporations. Learn more about us at www.imatters.net

join imatters on our facebook page: imatters.eyes and linkedin: imatters –

  • leading the way with successful staffing in the eye care industry.

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