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Eye Movement System software - $89

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Eye Movement System software - $89


Eye Movement System (EMS) software for improving and monitoring pursuits and saccades. This includes the software & a video game controller to operate the software (can also be controlled with a keyboard). The video game controller is just to help motivate the kids. Software works on PC and Mac (& is Windows Vista certified).


This software is a really great practice management tool. Doctors, and Moms & Dads know that the child is improving visual tracking deficiencies and increasing their ocular motility--children think their playing a new video game!



Saccade Mode: select from 14 saccade setups. Includes horizontal, vertical, and oblique saccades. The software also includes a distracters mode.


Using the Horiz/Vert # Isolation mode, the clinician can measure the automaticity (vertical component) and the automaticity + saccades (horizontal component). In addition, the software will calculate the Horiz/Vert Ratio. The Horiz/Vert # Isolation mode simulates reading & provides a quantitative finding. You are also able to track the patient's errors…including omissions, additions, substitutions, and transpositions. When you're done, print your findings. This is an excellent tool to differentiate between a comprehension problem and an oculomotor problem.


Pursuits Mode: allows the patient to track a smoothly moving target. Includes horizontal, vertical, oblique, and circular pursuits.



eMail me if you have further questions.

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