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Leo Hadley Jr

Humphrey ARK 599

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The Humphrey ARK 599









***Inspected and certified by Humphrey Technicians.***



Full Warrantee!!!


Humphrey 599

The 599 is the first combination refractor-keratometer

to offer subjective refinement of sphere, cylinder, and

axis as well as isolated acuity lines, children's targets,

near testing, and low contrast sensitivity testing.

The 599 allows for immediate patient feedback on the

prescription and can be linked to the Humphrey Lens

Analyzer to allow patients to compare their current

RX to the new refraction results. Precise keratometry

readings can be instantly obtained for all clinical needs.




* Fast, accurate and objective measurements with complete printout

* Automatic cycle for objective measurements

* Complete automatic alignment and tracking

* Acuity line isolation

* Cylinder and axis refinement

* Duochrome target

* Jackson Cross Cylinder Test

* Near vision testing

* Glare testing

* Spherical equivalents

* PD displayed on printout

* Children's acuity targets

* Recall for old and new Rx comparisons

* Communicom Interface

* Keratometry Reading including average and delta K's

* Keratometry Measurements transfers to Humphrey Ultrasonic Biometer Model 820


Special Discount available when purchased with the Humphrey 350 Lens Analyser!!!




Call for details and current pricing

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