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Eye Doctor - enlarged optic nerve (infections, surgery, swollen, prescription)

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Hi Has anyone ever been told they had an enlarged optic nerve?

I have had very bad vision since I was about 13 ( I wear contacts with a -8.50 prescription). I am now 30 and my prescription is the same. I have always been going to America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses because I do not have insurance and they charge $100 for 3 years of exams. I have been to many different locations because I have moved several times in the past years. Last year when I got my eyes dilated the doctor said I had enlarged nerves but it might be normal. I have seen this doctor before but she never said anything before. After that I went to another America's best location. The doctor looked at my eyes and said everything looked fine. Then, I asked do you see anything abnormal? And she said that my eyes had enlarged nerves, but that she sees it in a lot of patients. I find it strange that she did not say anything about the nerves until I asked about them. My eye pressure was 18 in both eyes. I have passed the visual field test. This was all about a year ago. Yesterday, I went to another America;s best location because I live in a new state now. The doctor said I had enlarged nerves (like a 6 or 7 he said- what does that mean?) The thing I am curious about is if my nerves just got large the last few years or even they just have never mentioned it before? Would every doctor mention it? I have never had any other eye problems, infections tears or anything besides the really bad vision. Thanks for any comments!

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