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opticians and eyewear dispensers, luxury boutique , minneapolis

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Great eyewear, fantastic team, love the glasses. That’s the feedback we get, We love it too.

Our private practice is located in Minneapolis has the feel of sophistication, as well as an eye for the best opticians.

Our luxury boutique is missing you – our newest optician, as we have grown through the years we are also recognized in our industry for smashing customer service, expanded collections, and development of our staff. This is from your peers.. And we appreciate that accolade.

Day to day is business from selection of eyewear, dispensing, adjusting, and just plain being charming.

We too have a lensometer, super advanced technology and great tools for your best foot or eye forward.

I know! It can happen! Our fabulous plan for you includes full time, benefits, bonuses, and a few treats along the way.

Bring your charming self, along with your career goals, to meet with us confidentially, and focus with us on you.

We realize you are one in a million!

2016 goals can be accomplished through career moves - we understand that and offer you the opportunity to learn more through confidential conversations.

to apply for our career – send your resume to gina@imatters.net. fax 866.461.4097, chat: 866.412.4115 and see this and other careers at www.imatters.net

Welcome to imatters, recruitment specialists in the fields of Ophthalmology/Optometry and Eye care Technology.

imatters assists employers in staffing key talent, while helping individuals with career transition and growth opportunities.

imatters staff has extensive experience in the eye care industry, with a proven track record of recruiting and placing highly talented professionals with cutting-edge practices and corporations. Learn more about us at www.imatters.net,

join imatters on our facebook page: imatters.eyes and linkedin: imatters –

leading the way with successful staffing in the eyecare industry.

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