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Zeiss partners with VSI to re-market OCT factory reconditioned units

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Vision Systems Inc. is proud to announce another great opportunity for our customers to acquire ZEISS “Factory” Reconditioned Cirrus 4000 HD-OCTs.

Due to the success of the Zeiss trade-in program , Zeiss has partnered with VSI to re-market these factory reconditioned units to end users who are seeking high quality Zeiss OCT solutions at a price point that best fits their budget and clinical needs.

When purchasing through VSI as an authorized reseller for Zeiss Factory Reconditioned instruments, you can be assured to receive the same quality and service as if you were purchasing directly from Zeiss. You can also take comfort in your purchase knowing that in addition to the legendary support VSI offers, you will also be registered in the Zeiss database as a customer on file and receive all of the many post sales and service benefits that comes with being a Zeiss customer.

Call VSI at 866-934-1030 to learn more about ZEISS Certified Products and how quickly you can benefit from the affordable solutions we can provide.

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