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Heine SIGMA 150 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope with S-Frame

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Heine SIGMA 150® Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope


Purchased in Fall 2012. Used. Fully functional. Good condition.

Asking $1800 OBO. If interested, please email eahinds@gmail.com.


Comes with the following accessories:

- S-frame with head strap

- mPack charger with belt clip

- Wall charger transformer

- Teaching mirror

- 90 degree angle adapter

- Filters (blue, yellow, diffusor) and case; red-free filter is integrated into BIO

- +2 D lenses

- Prescription lens frame

- Carrying case



Description from Heine:


The Spectacle Indirect Ophthalmoscope for any pupil size. Two separate controls
let you select the ideal setting for parallax and convergence to suit any pupil.
The illumination beam can be adjusted by ±3º to eliminate reflexes.
- 6V/5W XHL Xenon Halogen bulb. Bright, white light.
- Illumination beam adjustable ±3°. Eliminates reflexes.
- Integrated red-free filter. Versatile, fully-equipped.
- Detachable blue and yellow filters. For Fluorescence Angioscopy.
- Dust proof. Maintenance-free.
- P.D. selection from 48 to 74mm. Suits any user.
- Optics on swivel mount. Unrestricted view.
- Extremely light, 90g without frame. Light and comfortable.
- Carbon Fiber Instrument Frame. Light but very durable.
- Large and small apertures.


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