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Our Colorado Springs, Colorado office has the following for sale:


Full Exam Lane asking $13,000

  • Marco Deluxe chair Model 1220 (auto recline) and stand Model 510s
  • Topcon Slit Lamp SL2E w/ Haag Streit Tonometer 870
  • Marco Projector CP2 w/ Snellen letter chart
  • Mirrors (x2) and wall mounted screen 12" x 12"
  • WA Direct Ophthalmoscope 11720 w/ rechargeable handle
  • WA Retinoscope 18200 w/ rechargeable handle
  • WA Penlight w/ rechargeable handle
  • Reichert Phoropter 11625
  • Condensing lenses 20D direct clear field and 78D
  • Heine Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope Omega 180 w/ wall mount power supply EN30
  • Luneau 16 prism set
  • Complete trial lens set w/ wooden frame
  • Ishihara color test concise edition 14 plate and Randot stereo fly test

P200 Optomap retinal imaging system including; scan head, computer tower, monitor, stand, software, cleaning equipment, and manuals - asking $39,000


Q-Spex in-office progressive w/ AR lens molding system (need edging equipment to complete orders) - asking $1,800


Please email Jenn with questions - jchaney@chvision.com

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