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Newbie - Fallon, NV

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Hey guys! I am a new LAb Tech here at a small office. Still overwhelmed with the work, and trying to learn everything. There will be lots of questions from me, as time passes. We have some equipment that I either want to start using, or sell off to make room for more useful equipment!

Glad I found this forum!

So, to ask a question as well, how many of you use a fast grind machine anymore? This is the main thing that is just sitting there collecting dust.

Michael Ward

Dr. Robertson & Koenig Optometry
Fallon, NV

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I have seen a lot of those for sale. One of my OD friends in town bought one and almost never used it. I think he said he did less than 50 pairs. He says it is cheaper to order uncuts without the hassle. Then he could never resell it for anything close to what he paid. Last I heard it was rotting away in his basement.


You can post your equipment for sale for free here on this board. Make room for something you need.

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