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Currently I have a Foresee PHP for sale. Full macular testing of central 14 degrees, automated analysis, visual field mapping, and ARMD. This machine is in excellent condition.


PHP Features and Benefits:

· Full macular testing of central 14 degrees, automated analysis, and visual field mapping.

· Easy to interpret results with the only normative database available for AMD patients.

· Higher specificity and sensitivity than current methods for detecting early.

. Reduces the number of early and late referrals and allows for timely and effective treatment.

· Diagnostic capabilities based on the hyperacuity (Vernier) phenomenon.

. Hyperacuity has a higher sensitivity than normal visual acuity and is unaffected by patient age or physical condition.

. PHP technology reveals distortions otherwise hidden by the brain's innate ability to fill in scotomas and overcomes inherent problems associated with the Amsler Grid; completion, fixation, crowding and compliance.

· Fast, easy and intuitive testing for patients and technicians

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