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AIT OPTIMAX 410 and Delta Scan Tracer

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Hello All,

We're new to the group and just inherited an
old AIT Optimax 410 Edger that was converter to patternless with the
Delta Scan Tracer. I know it's a dinosaur, but everthing appears to
fires up and seems to work fine with exception to the Delta Scan Tracer
(model 01700). Does anyone have one of these old units or is willing to
get rid of just their Delta Scan Tracer? Maybe stuffed in a closet
somewhere or stored away?


It seems to work for the calibration mode (actually moves); but won't trace a frame when we attempt to.


If anyone knows a thing or two we would love some help to get her up and running.


An email would be appreciated if anyone can help.


email: downtownarchaeologist@yahoo.com





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