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opticians! Florida beaches are calling! Daytona Beach

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Licensed opticians we see your success with us! as our popularity grows we add on talented licensed opticians and ready to be licensed to our crew. Joining us means your talent in fitting eyewear, and selling patient solutions - not problems is well received - kinda old school to actually talk to the patient, have top tools and the best career rolled into one career- and its going to be yours. Lets recap!
Great products, great location and great team and did we mention the location? Daytona Beach! Florida licensed opticians are welcome to join and in return, we have a robust benefit program which included medical insurance, dental too, time of for vacation (paid) and sick days too! looking ahead to your future -see your 401k be matched by us!
Lets get started today, by sending your resume to our dedicated spokesperson Charisse, email charisse@imatters.net, fax 866.461.4097, talk confidentially about your career at 866.412.4115 x 700. see your career at www.imatters.net # 1632
imatters has the best careers for the industry, developed understanding of the career, and paths to continue your success far beyond your first day on the career. join imatters on our facebook pages : imatters.eyes will get you engaged with your community and see super goals to set for yourself as well as our education calendar .. it starts right with imatters –
imatters + 97% success rate = the best source for your staffing and training!

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