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Three Pieces Of Equipment For Sale

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I have for sale the following pieces of Equipment:


Two OptiVisors as listed below. Asking $20.00 for each. These currently sell for $39-$40 at Bernell. Both are in their original boxes.


Model DDA5 is 5 diopters with a 20cm or 8 inch focal length, and is listed as a "best seller", rarely used, excellent condition.


Model DDA10 is 10 diopters, 10cm or 4 inch focal length, unused, mint condition.


Buyer pays shipping, but if someone buys both, I'll pay shipping.


Another item for sale:


COIL Large Aspheric Stand Magnifier Model # 5472, 8 diopters power, lens size 4 inches by 3 inches ((102mm by 76mm). Good condition and still in original box. Currently sells for $53.50 at Bernell. Asking $20.00. Buyer pays shipping.

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