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Travel Optometrist and Optometry Tech opportunities!

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We provide service to the geriatric community throughout the southeast. Our Doctors and staff have been specifically trained in geriatric and inpatient eye care and understand the unique needs of the facility and its residents. We are currently seeking an Optometrist and Optometry techs to travel to skilled nursing facilities throughout our Southeast market.

Basic job function:

  • Examines eyes to determine nature and degree of vision problems, or eye disease and prescribes corrective lenses or procedures
  • Performs various tests to determine visual acuity and perception and to diagnose diseases and other abnormalities, such as glaucoma
  • Prescribes eyeglasses and other vision aids or therapeutic procedures to correct or conserve vision
  • Consults with and refers patients to other health care practitioner if additional medical treatment is determined necessary
  • May prescribe medications to treat eye diseases if state laws permits
  • We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and personnel to conduct thorough eye health clinics at our contracted facilities. We offer a competitive payment structure and a well-trained professional staff.

We provide: Tech, auto refractor, retinal camera, hand held slit light and offer several training sessions on the equipment, EMR and billing protocols.

  • We schedule an average or 30 patients per day
  • We require a 2 day per week commitment
  • Travel required with this position

If interested email Brandi Runyan at brunyan@hcareforlife.com!

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