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Eye Don’t Like Facebook News Feed Changes

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People in general, not just business users of Facebook are venting some frustration with the company and I feel their pain! Facebook recently changed News Feed, the one that showed a wider variety of posts than the current versions. For business pages this is the most essential of Facebook components.The new option reduces your news to updates only from the Pages that users have “Liked”.

I have been reading different blogs and articles about the subject and see that the managers of brand and business pages are frustrated with the low percentage of their fan base that see updates on a daily basis. From what I have researched, estimates are that only about 7% people see a status update.

There is a general assumption that Facebook is looking to generate revenue from paid advertising which is why it is getting more difficult to use Facebook for free.

So what to do? Facebook is still a great tool and can generate a lot of business so don’t give up, stay nimble. A few tips:

  • Engagement with followers is key so make sure that you are posting information that attracts interaction on Facebook such as interesting questions and offers.
  • Use Facebook “Insights” to see what your fans interact and respond to. You need more than just likes, comments and clicking on links so that you show up on news feed.
  • Sharing is even better! Think about what people might want to share on their own Facebook page…..I personally have found that this can be very unpredictable so sometimes it is good just to go with your gut, have fun, share something already shared! Don’t be shy to ask others to share.
  • Tools like Nutshell and Tootsuite are very easy to use for staying on top of what people are saying and posting on your page.
  • Don’t post too much as the less likes and comments your posts have, the less they will be seen. A friend of mine calls these people “Facebook Pests”! They are like people at a party who pin you in a corner and never stop yakking about themselves! You want to “Unfriend” them!
  • Ask people to take action so that they see your News Feed, here is an example from optical lab Katz and Klein’s Facebook page recently:
    “Are you missing out on our posts? Well that’s because once again there have been changes on Facebook. To be sure you don’t miss out on our posts, you will need to come to the page, hover your mouse over the “Like” button, and make sure there is a check at least on “Show in newsfeed”. If you want a notification when we post, make sure “Get notifications” is checked. This can also be done right from your news feed from a post (like, maybe, this one right here), just hover your mouse over the name at the top of the post and you’ll see the photo/cover photo and the “Like” button, then you can just hover over the “Liked” from there and click the “Show in Newsfeed”.

  • Use your expert knowledge – as ClearVision Optical’s Whitepaper on Social Media says“Behind your social page is an optical professional. You’re the expert in eyewear, so let your voice shine through! Use your posts to share with patients your professional knowledge and opinions. One way you can do this is by highlighting a “product of the week.” Explain to customers the features of the frame and why it benefits the user.”

Some good resources to learn more about using Facebook effectively as a business are Constant Contact and Mashable as well as ClearVision Optical’s Whitepaper on Social Media mentioned above.

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