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These blogs are used for our patients to read, but I though I would share them with others. Feel free to use on your sites, but please include that it was originally printed for

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Glasses are now cooler than ever before. Once a symbol of the unpopular and unfashionable, glasses are now more mainstream than ever with celebrities, athletes, and even models making fashion statements with their eyewear. So what makes glasses so popular? First, wearing glasses invokes an intelligent look and this style is very popular at the moment. The next reason is that there are bold new styles that make glasses more fashionable and less stuffy. Finally people accept that you don’t have to make a stigma of something you need.


The past four years saw the emergence of a style known as “geek chic”. Looking smart became popular especially as the media flooded the airwaves and newspapers with images of tech billionaires and hipster celebrities not afraid to show their intellectual side. In addition, mainstream celebrities did the same thing, turning a necessity into a fashion statement. Let’s be honest, a model who wears glasses looks not only beautiful, but like someone you can hold a decent conversation with. Such an image is very attractive to the 21st century man. For guys, the right pair of glasses can not only make you look dignified, it can also make you look cool. This is especially true when you see major singers like Ne-Yo and Usher rocking not just shades, but fashionable eyeglasses made by name brand designers.


The wide acceptance of glasses gets help from the efforts of top designers like Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Dolce and Gabana. These fashion designers caught onto the eyewear trend in the past decade and brought new creative inspiration to long-established eyewear styles. Some inspirations for these new styles come from the past. For example thick square framed glasses were a popular trend in the ’50s and ’60s, but they quickly became associated with “nerds” and the unpopular in later decades. However the style is back in full force as major male stars look to vintage styles for their wardrobes on the red carpet and in music videos. Show’s like Mad Men have also played a role in solidifying their popularity. Top designers took these traditional looks and added new touches such as thicker frames, unique materials, and bold new colors. These changes helped modernize vintage styles for a new generation.


What makes this trend so popular among the average man, woman, or child is that with more people needing glasses to correct their vision, eyewear no longer carries the same stigma. With advertising, movies, and other media spotlighting celebrities looking great in their eyewear, the regular person who needs them no longer feels ashamed of them. This more accepting attitude and new eyeglass styles make it easier to find a pair that fits a person’s personal tastes. In general, designer glasses can cost anywhere between $200 to $300. However, many healthcare plans now include vision packages to help subsidize the cost. These comprehensive plans also help pay for repairs and for upgrades when necessary, just like a cell phone contract. In addition, there are more affordable brands that offer many of the same styles for as low as $30 if you know where to look. This makes many of the most popular frames and styles affordable. Taking all of this into account we can see why glasses are now very popular fashion items.


Source: http://blog.wnyopticalgroup.com/?p=195

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