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How Do You Appreciate Your Customers?

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We did a story here and wondered how others appreciate their customers?


Some companies get it just right when it comes to customer appreciation and I think Brighton is one of them. I have been a Brighton handbag fan for a long time for several reasons:

I don’t like changing purses so need a good all round every day bag that I can use with almost any outfit

I like good looks, good quality along with practicality

I am not into the status brands

Brighton makes a great bag and I like the designs and prices

I always fill out the registration card when I buy a new Brighton bag as I like the guarantee – repair and/or replacement. A few weeks after my purchase, a gift from Brighton arrives along with a thank-you card. The gift is another Brighton item that is practical and useful. The last one was a small leather pouch that would probably retail for around $30. The card has the company history and says “Thank you”.

It feels good to be appreciated and I always enjoy my little “unexpected” gift. There is no coupon or incentive to buy again so I don’t feel like I am being “sold to”. I think it is a great idea and one that eyewear customers might enjoy. The gift could be any eyewear or eyecare accessory. All customers like to feel appreciated, especially right after a purchase.

Brighton does a great job with accessories as well, especially charms which are also a good niche eyewear sales category and opportunity. Ron’s Optical is a good source for eyeglass charms specifically.

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