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SALT LAKE CITY – Specialty Lens Corporation (SLC), a subsidiary of Essilor of America, announces the latest addition to the iRx Polaroid line, iRx RPM. This revolutionary new lens design allows drivers a total view of the dashboard and the road day or night. iRx RPM is a variable focus lens designed specifically for drivers. iRx RPM features a wide far zone and a generous intermediate zone, maximizing visual perception and performance while driving.


iRx RPM offers 13 polarized color options to reduce glare and improve comfort on the road. iRx RPM also offers a unique lens color containing a Melanin lens additive which reduces glare and increases acuity for night driving.


iRx RPM lenses are available in one base curve and two adds covering an Rx range of –2.00 to +2.00 and an add range of +1.00D to +3.50D. For more information about iRx RPM lenses contact SLC at (888) iRX-LENS.


Specialty Lens Corporation is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is one of the leading manufacturers of polarized lenses providing the optical industry with the most comprehensive polarized lens offerings in the U.S. Its innovative lens technology and comprehensive product portfolio have propelled SLC into the forefront of the optical lens arena. More information about the SLC lens portfolio can be found at www.specialtylens.com. iRx RPM is a trademark of Specialty Lens Corporation.


Polaroid Eyewear is a subsidiary of Polaroid Corporation and an established world leader in optics and lens technology. Polaroid was the inventor of the first polarizing sunglass lens. “Polaroid®” is a registered trademark of Polaroid Corporation, Waltham, MA 02451.



Publish Date: 01/19/2006

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