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3 O's We Need Your Help

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Here is an excellent opportunity to give back to your profession.


opticianworks.com is looking for questions to add to their free online test bank.


By providing a question you are guiding the future of our profession and helping shape the understanding of Opticianry students or the new, non-licensed, dispensing ECP.


Please submit carefully constructed, multiple choice or True-False questions to questions@opticianworks.com. Questions must show correct answers and any math steps involved.*


If you would like a fill in the blanks outline just email me and I'll send you one!


Question areas include:


Dispensing and adjustments done to fit a frame for an individual patient.


Basic prism using Prentices Formula for wanted and unwanted prism.


Standard alignment


Placing lab orders and the lab relationships


Verification of eyewear against a set of standards


Optical Puzzlers or any clever optical questions you might have.


Thank you for your help with this project.


John Seegers, opticianworks.com


* Note: All questions submitted become the exclusive, copyright protected, property of www.opticianworks.com.

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