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"FreeForm or Digital" lenses...are you using them?

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I would like to get some feedback on if and what you are doing with freeform or digital lenses. Are you incorporating them into your practice? If so....why? If not.....why?


What are you using and why?

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We have two digitally surfaced lens that we are trying to incorporate into our office. One is the Varilux Comfort Enhanced and the Varilux Physio Enhanced. I havent work with them much yet or figured out alot of advantages or disadvantages BUT I do notice a couple. I guess the obvious advantage of the digitally surfaced lens is the greater center vision the patient has with the digitally surfaced lens. However, I cant say that my patients that I take out of the Varilux Comfort 2 and put into a digitally surfaced lens notice a difference in the fish bowl effect.

The disadvantage that I have found to be the most inconvenient is that the digitally surfaced lens can not be made into a frame over APPROX 61 MM; and that's def a downfall especially with the bigger glasses and sunglasses coming into fashion or becoming trendy. Just a little of my own personal experience :-)

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