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Optical Dynamics Q2100 Lens molding unit

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I recently purchased a practice in a small Midwestern town inheriting a 2000 Optical Dynamics Q2100 lens molding system in the process. I have decided to upgrade to a new edger and other finishing capabilities and thus am selling this unit. It is five years old and is working flawlessly. Here are the specs: *Molds Single Vision, Flat Tops, and progressives with mid-index 1.56 monomer *Adds from +1.00 to +3.00 *-6.00D to +4.00D *Includes full complement of Q-Spray, Acetone, M-Cote, Mold Scrubbers, Q-Soak II concentrate *All instruction manuals *Includes High Minus upgrade at no cost It takes us about 15 minutes to mold a pair of lenses for about $15-$20 per pair, including progressives. A machine like this would be great for an office where same or next day service is a necessity. It's in great shape. Call Dr. Bowman at (573)248-3937 with questions or your best offer. Thanks!!!

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