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The Importance Of Links On Website And Blogs

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If you are like me, you get new requests every week to exchange links with other sites….many who have nothing to do whatsoever with the optical business. Why all the requests? Well, we go back to Google Page Ranks again. Google ranks your site and every other site it looks at on a number of factors, with one of the most important being inbound links. Those sites that link to your site are in effect voting for you. A link from another site to yours says to the search engines that the other site values what you have to say or show. Therefore, the more inbound links you have, the higher you will be ranked.

Like anything else in this world, people try to game the system. Hundreds of link exchange businesses pop up year after year promising higher rankings for all involved. You put their link on your site, they put yours on theirs. Google didn’t get to be the premier search engine by hiring dummies. Google quickly caught on the link exchanges and now punishes sites who use them in their rankings. Does that mean exchanging links is a bad idea? Not at all.


Would you expect an ECP to exchange links with a lens lab? Certainly. A lawn mowing service? Probably not. Relevant link exchanges are encouraged. Useful content is important to both sides. Linking with eyeglass manufacturers, lens labs, optical blogs, and social networking sites can all help drive relevant traffic to your site.


Want more traffic from links? What charities are you involved with over the year? When you make a donation, ask for a link from their site to yours. Most charities are more than happy to oblige. Do you advertise on the radio? Ask the station to link their site to yours. Make sure your site is listed in every relevant online directory you can, from Google to Bing, Yelp to Citysearch. Bookmark your website on social bookmark sites like delicious and stumbleupon. These are all legitimate link strategies than can help drive traffic to your site and with the right site, to your practice.


The best strategy for getting inbound links however is creating quality content on your website.


Daniel Feldman, is CEO of dba Communications, a web design and marketing firm specializing in eye care practices. For more information visit the dba Communications website at www.dbadesigns.com.

To see more about making your website or blog more effective vision The Optical Vision Site/

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