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  1. I am looking for a Briot accura for lease. Please contact me with details Thanks
  2. Yes I live on the small Island Of St. Vincent. Just built an ASC and I am concentrating more on Surgery. I need a COA and an Optometrist to help me with the refractions, contact lenses etc. Edit/Delete Message
  3. Small Island in the Caribbean. I am looking for a COA, Optometrist and possibly an Ophthalmologist. Please send details and income expectancy. Only send if you are serious.
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    Yes...I am alo looking for quality closeouts and anyone selling a Briot Accura patternless edger? Do you do leasing? thanks Kenon contact beachmont@gmail.com
  5. Are you looking to relocate to the Caribbean? We are located on the beautiful Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Shorter stints also possible. For more information, please send mail with CV to beachmont@gmail.com. Dr Ken Onu
  6. I have to make a decision between officemate and Eyesistant software. Anybody with experience out there. Please give me some pointers. Need to make the decision asap Thanks Ken
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    Help needed

    Thanks Will get in touch shortly
  8. Hi all I am a dispensing ophthalmologist in the Caribbean. We are looking into setting up a lab. In the past we send the Rx's away to be done. I would very much appreciate any advice on starting up including costs etc appreciate your comments regards Ken Also do you know of anyone who repairs Zeiss Visulas Yag lasers and Keeler Pulsair?