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  1. OptiStudent

    NC LDO desired

    Hi, I am looking to employ a N.C.-LDO for Target Optical located in the new, Afton Ridge shopping district (I-85 exit 54), in Concord, North Carolina. I also desire a frame stylist for 5-6 hours every Saturday. Call me, Kris, at 704-795-4225 or e-mail me for any questions. I am looking forward to talking with you.
  2. OptiStudent

    NC optician

    I recently graduated (2007), from Durham Tech. I have an Associate of Applied Science in Opticianry degree. I graduated with high honors. I also have ABO and NCLE certificates. I PASSED the N.C. state board opticians examinations on September 6th of this year (first attempt). My hands-on experience consist of my training at Durham Technicals optical clinic and a college credit externship at Dr. King's office in my hometown of China Grove, N.C. The board is holding my license until I complete a mandatory 6 month internship at a board registered training establishment. From what I have been informed; registration only involves a nominal fee, and the opportunity for someone like me to be supervised and trained under a licensed optician, optometrist, or ophthalmologist. I am eager to listen, learn, and further my optical education. I have good people skills and enjoy helping people. At Dr.King's office I especially liked working with children and challenged patients. If you think we could work together please contact me. I am very eager to begin my optical career. Thank you for your time, OptiStudent.
  3. OptiStudent

    True or False?

    "A patient whose near Rx has been overcorrected will have to hold their reading material farther than the normal working distance?" The test answer is False....Why?
  4. OptiStudent


    refractive anisometropia is made better or worse by CL? axial anisometropia is made better or worse by CL?
  5. OptiStudent


    Has OSHA or ANSI rated Trivex yet? If not, I would not think anyone would want to take on the liabilities of dispensing it. I do agree that it should replace Poly because of its ABBE value alone.
  6. OptiStudent

    General Optical Discussion

    How many Opticians does it take to change a light bulb? NONE...Give it 2 weeks and your eyes will adjust to the dark!
  7. OptiStudent

    Who likes this new website.?

    Not only are the custom clips good-looking, so is the site. I am curious about how much a customer would have to pay to have their old metal frames re-coated. Wouldn't restoring old frames encourage patients' to delay their next eye-screening?
  8. OptiStudent

    School or Apprentice

    As an optical student I like school, however, I am yet to see how much in the real world it will apply. FL is a licensed state. this discussion may help: http://www.optiboard.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7204[/url] This college, Hillsboro FL, is one of the 1st original Opticianry Schools of 3 (Erie community in Bflo, NY & my school Durham Tech in NC being the others). http://www.hccfl.edu/depts/healthsci/opticianry/index.html In my state, NC, the apprentice ship takes 3.5 yrs. & the A.A.S. of Opticianry two years. I would contact FL's licensing board & see if you can sit for the state board, and then go from there. For me, not having any optical experience I felt "funny" about getting a brand new job & requesting their optician sponsor me for apprenticeship. For you, you would be an asset (w/ your previous experience), and this may not be as difficult. Money is always a factor, wish I was earning some! Good Luck and say HELLO to Florida for me! I use to live there and may again.
  9. OptiStudent

    Lab Equipement

    I am an opticianry student writing a fictional businees plan for school. I haven't taken any lab coureses yet. However, I am in the dilema of needing to know what major lab equipement I need to include in my business plan. The lab is an in-house surfacing & finishing lab. Is the following equipement all that is necesary? Briot Accura Pro all in one, the Briot Scanform Net 2, & the Briot Cad Net Blocker. Also, what do you think the approximate cost would be off leasing the equip.?