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    Just wanted to check this thing out and talk to other people in the same line of work. I have been doing this for a while and have come along way. Any one out there that has any ?s about edgers let me know i happen to work on them all day every day. Here to help.

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  1. labrat


    well us lab guys do to but dont get to play so much so we suck at it lol
  2. labrat

    If you need me i am here to help

    you are talking about the frame change mode. It can be a little hard to do sometimes but not to bad. first you need to trace the new frame then push the F/C (frame change) then mount your old lens like you would trace a demo lens then trace that when your done you need to pull out the poll then there will be two shapes and you can move them around till they will cut out. this might change your PD seg hight ect. just make sure when you go to cut the lens you make sure the LMU dose not fall off the lens and bend it. we do not like using this becouse it can bent the shaft and you will have to recalibrate your LMU which is not to fun to do. Well i hope this will help you. you also can look in your book and this is in there and takes you step by step the only thing that is not in the book is, you need to remove the tracing poll before any info is brought down to the display. again i hope this will help Labrat
  3. I work on edgers all day every day. So anyone needing help just let me know. If i cant awnswer your ?'s i can get a hold of someone who can.
  4. labrat

    Drill Mounts

    I know that the Smart Drill is vary good at doing dirll mounts. I know you can look at our Sponsors and VSI sells them. They are not that much to buy one so check them out.
  5. labrat


    I really dont know about the surface side of tirvex but i can find out and let you know.
  6. labrat

    Spelling error

    Thats just too funny
  7. labrat


    all i know is that you will need to change your wheels on your edgers!!!