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  1. TimeToMakeTheGlasses


    Glad to see you have power back. My heart goes out to those who are stuck in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.
  2. TimeToMakeTheGlasses

    edging trivex

    Any suggestions on edging trivex? I tried using a poly setting and the lens melted a bit,so I tried a cr-39 setting, and the lens got caught up on the wheel. I'm guessing a cr-39 setting with lowered water flow? any suggestions will be helpful. Jason
  3. TimeToMakeTheGlasses

    E.V. 4.0

    Just ran my first set of Eagle Vision 4.0 lenses today, and I must say I'm pleseantly surprised. I've worked with trivex lenses before, and found they came out a little on the wavy side, but so far so good. The patient absolutely loved them, so maybe E.C.C.A is finally on to something. I'm looking forward to making some more, and seeing the response from customers. Jason
  4. TimeToMakeTheGlasses


    disc golf rules, I play every chance I get
  5. TimeToMakeTheGlasses


    Is it just me, or is it an unwritten rule that all Optometrists and Opticians must play golf?
  6. TimeToMakeTheGlasses

    Vision Expo West

    Sounds like a good enough reason to go to Vegas to me. Wish I could join you, maybe next year