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    Officemate vs Eyesistant

    Not sure about eyesistant, but we (Crystal Practice Management) transfer an office from Officemate about once a week. There are a lot of offices that do not like there support and the rigidness of the software.
  2. Crystal Practice Management is pleased to announce the integration of online forms directly into their software. Have you ever thought about how much time is spent re-entering data in your office. Typical offices have new patients fill out a paper form and then have an employee enter that information into the computer. Paper forms are also handed out if a patient changes addresses or needs to update their patient information. Entering patient data into the computer requires employee time and is prone to being entered incorrectly. Not to mention the added time to a patient’s office visit, and the waste of paper. At Crystal PM we have found a better way. Our solution to this problem is adding a direct integration with online forms. This feature will allow offices to have patient's fill out new patient information online, or update existing patient information, from their either a computer in their home or from a computer in the waiting room. With a simple link on the Web site, or link on an e-mail, patients will be able to fill out forms which can be directly imported into Crystal PM. Think of how much more efficient your office will be. The Online Medical History Form will be coming soon. Example Patient Form
  3. I am pleased to announce that Crystal Practice Management now has an integrated Automated Phone Dialer into our program. An automated phone dialer is a way of contacting your patients with your computer. Using a voice modem, a phone dialer can call patients and confirm appointments, send appointment reminders, notify a patient of a frame/contact order, and even prompt patients for a recall.
  4. crystalpm

    Vision Expo West

    I'll be at the Vision Expo West in Vegas. Make sure you stop by booth ET2101 in the exhibit hall. Come see the latest version of Crystal Practice Management and take home a free full working demo.
  5. If you or someone you know is thinking about starting a new optometric office make sure you click this link. Crystal PM Website Just click on the downloads button. New and improved website. This guide was comprised by several Optometrists that have built thier own office as well as several specialist from a former wire installer, computer sales representative, and computer technician. This guide is provided free of charge by Crystal Practice Management. Please send this on to anyone you feel could benefit from it.