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  1. I have used a fine tip permanent marker to redot AR lenses, but recently have had to rechedk a patient who wears Crizel, Scotchguard, Teflon, whatever, and nothing would show up on it. Any suggestions to help me double check where the progressives are aligning on the paitent's face? thanks, Ya-Ya
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    I work for LensCrafters and learned about trivex via trade magazines and opticians in Florida when I sat for the board this year. Do any of the chains sell trivex? What is the average retail of trivex? Does it require different equipment versus poly or plastic? Is it gaining market share? Does anyone know if Luxottica is considering buying the product? ANd if so, does the manufacturer have the capacity to meet the demand for production a company like Luxottica/LensCrafters would create?
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    Hello, Mr. Hadley, you are a workaholic! I think you are cloned. I wish you the best with your newest enterprise. Gran-Ya-Ya