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  1. Jacqui


    We use an SL gererator here and love it. I've seen the Model 400 Cyl. machines and they are very nice, too.
  2. Jacqui


    I was in N.O. for 2 weeks. Got there 18 hours after the storm hit. Things were worse than the news said they were. Also was in Port Arthur for 10 days after Rita.
  3. Jacqui

    Equipment Needed

    Chad: Mary at Premeir Optical in St. Cloud http://www.premieropticalparts.com/ has 2 chem hardeners that are for sale. I don't know about a drop ball. I have a B&L heat treat for sale.
  4. Jacqui

    Double Aspheric Lenses by Augen

    By all means stock Trivex !!!! I really don't think the double aspherics are worth the extra, get them from Excellite, Younger, etc.
  5. Jacqui

    Drill Mounts

    I'm even older school, I use an old AO.