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  1. Tekkie

    Santinelli Trouble

    Where did you buy the edger? You will need a digital voltmeter to mesure the edge end voltage. If it is off, its an easy adjustment. You might want to call Leo Hadley Jr. at VSI. He could walk you through some troubleshooting.
  2. Tekkie

    Santinelli Trouble

    Any error messages? Sounds like the edge end sensor might need adjustment. Or there is something going on with the rotation assy. What have you tried so far?
  3. Tekkie

    essilor kappa

    Sounds like the lens rotation sensor is bad/dirty.
  4. Tekkie

    Nidek ARK-760A

    First off, Make sure your refractor function and keratometer function are turned on. It is possible to have the K function off. If that is confirmed, it is likely a software issue in the unit. The printer only prints what it is told. Thank You, TT
  5. Tekkie

    Nidek ARK-700a

    No, who did you buy it from? They should be able to offer service.
  6. Tekkie

    Nidek ARK-700a

    It sounds like you need a calibration. You could contact Marco and have a service technician take care of it.
  7. Tekkie

    Equipment Repair

    You dont count......You work in the field, I am in house!!!
  8. Tekkie

    If you need me i am here to help

    As of about 6 months ago there was only one system in the whole state of Florida and it wasnt working properly. I dont think there are many out there that would be sold used because they are still under warrantee. I am not sure they got the kinks worked out yet. I think the monomer is compatable but I am not sure and I doubt you will find anyone at ODC who will tell you it is. There is a slightly used Opticast system on ebay that may interest you. It is fully supported by OptiCast and they have several ar labs that will coat them for you. OptiForum ebay store
  9. Tekkie

    axis problems

    I honestly do not have time for a machine that old, I could only refer you to someone who can take that on a trade in for a newer machine. Sorry Private message me if you are interested in a trade upgrade. Thanks
  10. Tekkie

    axis problems

    Dull wheels, bad blocks, cheap leap pads are all the first things to look for. It is also likely with the age of the machine that the left side bearings are bad. If all the easy things above dont help. It is time for a bearing job. If you replace the left side you may as well do the right side too. That is all it can be, especially if its an incosistant problem.
  11. Tekkie

    truimph edger

    How is that edger doing OptiGirl???
  12. Tekkie

    truimph edger

    Yes!!! those parts are very important.
  13. Tekkie

    Drill Mounts

    Check out my avatar!