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  1. Hey all, This is for my sister. She is 25 years old who is healthy in nature and is an IT professional. She used to spend more than 8 hours in front of her laptop in a day. She is also obsessed with her phone and is on it all the time, even at night. Now, she has some troubles with her eyesight. Whenever she looks into the monitor, her eyes getting tears and she is not able to work properly. This is affecting her career and she is scared of losing her eyesight. She is always complaining about her severe headache and blurred vision. One of our family friends suggested her to get eye examinations with the help of an expert eye doctor in Toronto. Is it really necessary? Are these symptoms of any eye disease? Or does it occur because of the strain? Actually, she doesn't want to wear contact lenses, so she refusing to get an eye checkup. Anyone here has a similar experience? Kindly share it.