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    Experienced opinions please

    I'm considering buying one (or possibly two) of three edgers. ME1000 Nidek. Ice 9000 blocker and rd100 Kappa CTD Briot Alta NX and LX tracer. This is a very new machine, so their may be no experience yet, but how has the Briot gear been in the past? Any advice helpful as to your experiences with any of these edgers. I'm looking for the good and the bad.
  2. Razor

    If you need me i am here to help

    Thanks for the help Labtech I am in calgary, alberta, canada. I will do the fix on the tracer and see how that goes. I'm not sure I follow you on the feelers though? What I am trying to say is, if they slip off the edge of the lens, because the lens is too small a diameter, the edger is supposed to stop the feeler trace. This machine doesnt, although it 'use' to at one time. Now, it just keeps trying to trace the lens shape out , and 'snaps' back onto the lens. The image at that point represents anything but what would otherwise properly cut out. I know we have had the tracer replaced once, but that was a few months after we purchased it. It was making the patterms odd even then. I"m not sure its the tracer table. But its sure worth a shot to try and service it. Thanks, I'll let you know how it turns out, and I'll try to get some new feelers just in case that helps too. I'm considering getting a second edger for another store, and right now I'm deciding between thet kappa ctd, and the nidek me1000 . Id like to potentially make custom shape designs, and nidek has a instrument you can use with the edger to custom make shapes. They both have auto lensometers, but apparently the nidek has had some problems with some of the aliza and ice coatings , that it wont block properly and slips off access. so the rep suggested I just get the regular blocker. Somehow, that doesnt appeal to me. But I want to pick the best machine, that will cut reliably, quickly, one cuts, and do grooving, and drilling, that isnt inate with problems by design.
  3. Razor

    Weco 450

    Considering a used 450 drill with tracer II table ( will probably purchase an autocad of some sort, any recomendations appreciated here) Any opinions on this machine? Optical store use. I am aware of the straight drilling into lenses, but I feel I can just use the drill to touch thet lens, and then use a smart drill system to finish off the drilling or a manual drill to finish off the drilling. I'm looking for reliability , one time cuts, and a quality shape reproduction especially on smaller flat frames, where the finished lens'bs' on my present edger are often just slightly small after edging. (assuming a min b on frame of say 20 mm). I also understand the grooving on this edger isnt up to par with other auto grooving edgers? Any experiences with that?
  4. Razor

    If you need me i am here to help

    Essilor Alpha Purchase nov/2000 Small optical store use Several unusual problems 1. Some traces from the tracing table do not trace properly and come through with Jaged edges of missing half the lens shape. Inconsistant, possibly 1 out of 50 traces. 2. After inserting lens into the edger, and proceeding to edge, there is a set of white arms that come in to trace over the lens, the shape of the frame, to measure both the appropriate min acceptable lens dia. and the thickness to indicate bevel placement. If these arms slip off, indicating that the lens is too smal, the edger was designed to stop at this point from edging. This machine however, does not and will continue to try and trace the shape over the lens, "snapping' even the white arms back onto the lens. Naturally the lens shape is distorted, and if the operator doesn't stop the program, it will continue to edge this lens and destroy the lens. This problem is a bad one because you can't always stand by and nurse this machine and lenses are destroyed as a result. (if I put no lens in the machine however and proceed to edge, the program does stop as it should, but lenses put in, it will continue to edge whether the dia is appropritae or too small)...sigh..argh..!!! The tracing table has been replaced one already, possibly twice according to my rep (although I do not believe this to be true). 3. Left lens will often edge about 2/10's mm larger than right, most often. 4 Bevel placement is not always similar to the image projected on the image screen. I often manually reposition the bevel from the standard 40 percent, to the 35 or 30 to get the bevel more to the front, and more than the picture would suggest. In other words, the bevel is often too much to the middle of the lens than the imagine would suggest or a would like. I can manually change this, but you can't always predict this to happen, as identical lenses wont always bevel out the same . Not a big problem I can live with this one. PS Does anyone have the rubber caps used in the tracing table pegs, the new tracing table (new as in 3 years ago now) came with hard plastic covers and the frame slips out of position on tracing.