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  1. Hello everyone here. I am new to this place. My dad who was diagnosed with diabetics by our family Doc six months before and he is under medicines in this regard. Dad was telling me about the problem in seeing from the last week onwards, but I just ignored saying it might be just his feelings or so. But I happen to see him fall while walking and this was something that made me understand that he is unable to see. Later I took him to his Doc from whom he was taking medicines for diabetics. He said there are chances of getting eye problems who got diabetics but we were not satisfied with the reply we got. This made us consult a Doc Evergreen eye care centre ( http://www.evergreeneye.com/ ) at Seattle. It was him who said about the keratoconus problem of my dad. He said it was because of this he had blurred vision and problem in seeing at night and he has asked to undergo a corneal transplantation. But the problem is, will it be good to undergo this if he is already under a treatment for diabetics? Will there be any medicines to take after this corneal transplantation? If so will it be good to take two medicines at a time? Can we proceed with the corneal transplantation? Have anyone here, been in a situation of this sort? What is the immediate step that is to be taken?