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  1. I have the following items for sale: • ABBOTT Wavescan HD (P.N 0070-1479) Manufactured: Feb 2012 Includes adjustable table, Computer system, Monitor and all connecting cables Hard Drive is not in the PC, so the software and operating system is missing. I could put in a hard drive and install an operating system if you are interested. Good condition, has a few scratches on the table top and minor blemishes on the wavescan unit itself. One side of the Wavescan track is cracked (See picture) • NIDEK LM-990A Auto Lensmeter A few very minor scratches on the plastic casing but nothing major. All functions seem to be working properly • NIDEK RKT-7700 Auto Ref / Kerato / Tonometer Manufactured: 2007 Missing top cover on the joystick but other wise in great condition A few very minor scuffs • NIDEK NT-2000 Non Contact Tonometer Manufactured: 2006 A few scratches and scuffs from normal use, but all functions appear to be working properly ​​Please contact me at 540-931-0348 if interested (Or send a message on here)