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    abrat, on 17 Jul 2005 - 9:30 PM, said: Hi Abrat, I am using the Essilor Kappa tracer today, when I am blocking the lens, the lens was lifted up by the blocking arm, the arm stuck there. It can not go back to the initial position when it is not blocking. I restart both the tracer and the edger. The problem is still there, the error code is N11. The arm can move, just can not go back the initial position. What can i do to fix it? Thank you very much! Jessica
  2. I am using Essilor Essilor Kappa tracer, the Error code is N11, the problem is the blocking arm stuck in the middle of the blocking path. It can not go back to the initial position.I restart it ,the arm can move,from the stuck position to the position when the arm is blocking which is on the top of the lenses. but do not go back to the initial position which is supposed to be when it is not blocking. what can I do to fix this problem?