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  1. Closing of my optical shop has necessitated disposition of my Optical Groover, PAL-ID, and a large set of hand tools. Price to be mutually agreed upon. Best offer will be accepted. Please contact roland.glassman@gmail.com or CALL 603-860-3680
  2. The closing of our optical shop necessitates disposition of about 300 brand new, never worn, currently popular styles of eyeglass frames, almost all with corresponding cases. Included are major manufacturers including Bolle, Charmont, Dilem, Evatik, Kimiko, KLiiK, L'Amy, Eyewear Designs, FYSH UK, Marchon, Porsche, Safilo, Silhouette and others. Complete inventory file with all specifications and prices is available upon request. Prices will be a fraction of the original wholesale cost. Please reply to roland.glassman@gmail.com or call 603-860-3680.
  3. Optical shop is now closed and this Fashion Optical Crystaline Hexagonal Island Display Tower is available. Catalog # IS-401C. Medium oak with Navy laminate trim. Display part of tower rotates over stationary base. Like new condition. 80 Inches high. Tower is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. Asking $150. Shipping NOT included. Also available: Techno Hexagonal Glass Display Tower. Catalog # GLC103. Elegant hexagonal glass enclosed display tower with 5 adjustable glass shelves, illumination, locking glass door, in light oak laminate. We used this to securely display our premium frames. Tower is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. Asking $250. Shipping NOT included. Both towers are in excellent condition. If interested, please call me at 603-860-3680
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